What Is the Purpose of Va Form 21 4138

When writing a persuasive statement in support of the claim, it is important to first decide what you want the statement to accomplish and include a statement of intent. Do you want to write about the pending claims you have in front of the VA, or just one or two? Is the claim you are writing a claim to an increased rating or a claim to a service connection? Do you make a new claim for the connection to the service in your billing? Have you ever written an explanation for this statement? Answering all these questions will give you a good idea of where to start. Here`s what`s most troubling: The decision in the above claim was a requirement for TDIU, and the Veteran submitted valuable information about his employability in each of the more than 125 copies of form VA 21-4138 he submitted. The VA reviewed exactly ZERO of the evidence on a 21-4138 VA form. If you find that the information you provided in the past was incorrect, use Form VA 21-4138 as an opportunity to correct the file. For example, you could write, “In an earlier statement dated July 14, 2012, I stated that my sleep apnea began in March 1984. Since then, I have realized that the information is inaccurate, as my medical records show a diagnosis in March 1983, and my spouse testifies to that. In summary, this form is used to provide information to support a Veteran`s entitlement to benefits. This form is completed by friends, families or former members of a Veteran. Those who complete this form will make statements in support of the Veteran`s eligibility and review the restrictions they are experiencing as a result of their disability. Former soldiers who served alongside the Veteran may submit first-hand reports of the incident during the service that led to their current disability.

The Va 4138 PDF form makes it easy to fill in this information. It may sound simple, but it`s important that you fill out the correct form when submitting a statement in support of a claim. The VA accepts the declarations on Form VA 21-4138. This can be downloaded from the VA website (VA.gov). * Would you like to reconsider a VA rating decision? This is a trick question – there is no “reconsideration,” and VSOs who tell veterans to file a request for reconsideration using a form VA 21-4138 tell veterans to throw money down the toilet. Do not use this form for any type of statement that does not support your claims and does not shed additional light on your situation. Once the VA has obtained all the information they need from you, they can make an informed decision about your disability assessment. However, if you are not satisfied with the grade the VA gives you, you can appeal the decision (request a review of the decision). A decision review usually involves submitting additional medical evidence to the VA that can influence the disability assessment they give. If you need to provide additional evidence through testimonials from friends, family members, or other military personnel, you must file it through VA, Form 21-4138 If you are building your record for service affiliation with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, one way to collect evidence that Hill & Ponton often pursues is to collect official statements from veterans, family members, or friends. These statements are useful for providing additional information and filling gaps that medical or service records may not cover.

Testimony can also help to testify to what a veteran was like before service and what they are now. This evidence of material fact can be crucial to a veteran`s claim and disability. Some details can make all the difference between getting the maximum benefits or not. Form VA 21-4138 is the most overused and unnecessary VA form – what`s more, there`s a BEST form you can use that not only improves your chances of winning your VA claim, but also speeds up your claim. The declaration can be either a personal statement signed by you or a so-called “buddy letter” in support of your application, which is a confirmation statement from a friend, other veteran/service member, employer, neighbour, spouse or other family member. First, I will tell you about Form VA 21-4138. Next, I`ll give you some reasons why I don`t use it anymore. Remember if you have ever written an explanation of this particular claim. If you have already written an explanation about this allegation, you must ensure that this new statement fills all the gaps in this other statement.

For example, if you`ve ever written an explanation about your PTSD that focuses primarily on your interactions with friends and family, you may want to focus on a second statement about how your PTSD has affected your job and job performance. You want to make sure that all the basics are covered so that the VA has a complete picture of your disability. You may be wondering why a lawyer hates a form that veterans use all the time in their VA applications and appeals. Here`s why: A Form VA 21-4138 also has an additional section for the person writing the claim to add notes in support of your claim. .